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Lilith: The Middle School Vampire

Lilith is a 12 year old vampire who is reluctantly starting her first year of middle school with BRACES. Can she fit in with the other humans even with a metal mouth full of fangs? 

For my Intro to Stop Motion class I fabricated this puppet, crafted the filming set up, and animated and composited a short animation! 


I started with preliminary exploratory character sketches. I then built the armature with wire, apoxy sculpt, KnS tubing, and polymer clay. 

The body is fabricated using foam and rubber latex.

The clothing is all hand sewn, and the shoes and head are painted clay. The hair is made from felt.

I took photos of Lilith's facial features individually, and then composited them on in post, using after effects. 

The floating is achieved using a hand built rig.

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